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Hello Friends, We know this is the month of love. So in this lovely month I have collected some of the Apps that makes your Lovely Faces more beautiful, Yes I am taking about a camera. In this article I have collected some selfie Camera expert apps that makes your selfies more delightful, more extreme. So let’s see Top 5 Android App For Your Selfies and Photos.

1. Sweet Selfie

This will absolutely glorify Your Selfies
Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie Camera is the  perfect camera for taking selfies. It can takes beauty selfies with filters in seconds, So start Using this. This app has a Sweet Camera that take best Selfies Every Time. and this App is Free for limited time. SO Hurry up download this app and make profit of free version.

Download This App From Here

2. Retrica

Let’s make memories together


Take photos and videos with 120 awesome filters, and make your own album with your friends.

This App has a lot of Features Like – Real-time Filters, Make Private Album, You can Create a GIF,  Made Shuffle Filters, Stamp means You can Decorate your photos and videos with Retrica’s original Stamp and Share your Photos and videos via social Networks you choose.

Download This App From Here

3.  Selfie Camera Expert

This is Your Selfie Camera Expert

Top 5 Android app

Selfie Camera is a camera application with gorgeous live filters.
1. This Application facilitates the user to apply effects on live selfie Camera.
2. You can apply effects on live selfie camera by selecting one or can also apply effects randomly.
3. You can make use of timer where the selfie picture will get clicked after selected time.
4. You can also select the selfie camera preview to be square or rectangle before clicking a selfie.
3. Along with effects on live camera, there is an option to pick image from gallery and apply different effects, stickers, frames, text on it.
4. After capturing the image from camera or editing the gallery image, preview screen will appear, from where user can share the image to social websites.

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4. Candy Camera

Let’s take a Selfie with Candy Camera

candy camera

With Candy Camera’s beautifying filters and silent mode, You can take beautiful selfies anywhere and anytime. So Download This App and Try For Once.

Download This App From Here

5. BestMe Selfie Camera

Specially designed For Selfie editing

BestMe selfie camera

This app has 125 Real time filter you can use directly using live camera. its Mirror Real time filter is strange and fantastic. You can make real time collage with this app that is also made you fun. You can use emoji grid Photo that is Trending in Facebook and other social networking sites. You can directly Post into Instagram, No crop will be apply.

Download This App From Here

Additional App


Convert Your Selfies into the Art


Prisma Transforms Your Photos Into Artworks Using The Styles Of Famous Artists: Munk, Picasso As Well As World Famous Ornaments And Patterns. A Unique Combination Of Neural Networks And Artificial Intelligence Helps You Turn Memorable Moments Into Timeless Art.

Download This App For Now 


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