LG is one of the leading brands in the electronics world. Most of the people think that LG generally make electronic home appliances like Television, Refrigerator etc. Here in the below we have shared the LG G3 Smartphone Full Specifications and its features so that you can get information about this gadget.  So let’s check them.LG G3

LG G3 Smartphone Specifications and Features

The device comes with 5.5 inch touch screen therefore it is a big Smartphone. But Smartphone with screen creates problems along with facility. Handling is difficult for this device. But a big Smartphone gives facility of big screen which gives good experience to the user.

The device is powered by 2.46 GHz processor that’s why it is superfast and you can do your tasks without any delay. The other great thing about this device is that it runs on the latest operating system that is Android KitKat 4.4.2.

LG G3 Camera front is 2.1 mega pixels therefore you can take your clear images and can do live chat with your friends on your phone. While the rear view camera of LG G3 Smartphone is 13 mega pixels.

The resolution quality of the mobile phone is 1440 x 2560 pixels. Therefore you can watch videos and images in HD also.

The RAM of this device is 2 GB so you can play games and big applications without any worry.

The storage capacity of this mobile is 16GB which is good enough for a normal user. You can place good amount of data, songs and videos in your device without expanding the space of your device.

The battery capacity of LG G3 is 3000 mAh which is good because as it is a big and strong device therefore it will consume more battery.

Price of LG G3 Smartphone

The Price of this Smartphone is nearly 47,000 Rs for the 16 GB device while for the 32GB device the price is nearly 50,000Rs.

We hope that you had enjoyed reading this article about LG G3 Smartphone Specifications and Features. For updates you can visit our site on daily basis.


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