kamasutra sex positions

The KamaSutra is the world’s oldest book on the pleasures of sensual living.
There is no one single author for the text. It was originally compiled in the 3rd century by the Indian sage Vatsyayana, who lived in northern India
the Kama Sutra provides a comprehensive manual of living for the good life.

Here we have listed Some best Kamasutra SEX Positions Android Apps to spice up your sex life. There are lots of positions given in these apps you can try new position everyday.

#1. iKamasutra Lite Sex Positions

iKamasutra has over 100 sex positions in nine different categories. Each position includes tastefully drawn and explained directions, and there is a section of the app that charts your progress as you make your progress from Novice to Kama Sutra Master. There are lots of features in this app. Like you can enable password protection , Soothing sitar music to set the right mood etc.

Download iKamasutra

#2. Kamasutra Sex Positions

This application for all rogues and rascals offers all the original positions of the Kamasutra with exclusive artwork and detailed descriptions.

All sexy positions of Kamasutra are classified by themes.

Download Kamasutra Sex Positions

#3. Kamasutra – Desire of Sex

This app contains 40 free Kamasutra sex positions in 13 categories to get your sexual desires organized. Each position has professionally written descriptions and it is easy to follow. You can choose perfect position based on Intimacy, Complexity & Strength levels.

Download Kamasutra – Desire of Sex

#4. kamasutra Love

Kamasutra Love is an intuitive and educational application that will convert your privacy in a funny game, exciting and entertaining for the couple, and will let you progress in your sexual life, or simply find greater diversity of pleasure according to your expectations.

Kamasutra Love is the only application on the market with 150 “sex positions”

Download kamasutra Love

#5. Sex positions

Do You Want to Enjoy With Your Partner with Different Position?? Use this app and surprise him/her with all your new knowledge and experties in the great SEX Techniques.

Download sex positions

#6. Free Sex Positions

The application “Free Sex Positions” is an application that can save your sex life and make it a fascinating and diverse. Now, you don’t have to think what a new pose you can try being into bed with your partner.

Download Free Sex Positions

#7. Advanced Sex positions

Enjoy your sex life and break the routine ! are you Bored of doing Sex with your partner ? try these positions and enjoy your life with your lover !

Download Advanced Sex positions


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