Hello Friends Today at the time of surfing the web I decided to shortlist VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets. So I find out Some best VR out of hundreds of VR in the Market. So friends Check this article and decide what you choice to buy in out of 5. and I think You Should Buy a VR headset in 2017.

Top 5 VR Set


This is specially designed for Lenovo Vibe K5 Note.

top 5 VR

Make watching movies on your phone more immersive and enjoyable with this pair of smart glasses from ANT VR. The device has a unique folding design so you can easily carry it on trips and outings. Watching your favourite movies on your phone with a theater like experience, you can now make long journeys in the bus less boring.

Buy From Flipkart For 12,99 INR

2. Irusu MONSTERV VR headset

BIGGEST 42MM HD RESIN LENSES – Polarized , calibrated and Anti Fogging technology, Monster VR is more immersive ,with larger FOV and reduced window effect.Perfectly calibrated lenses with tons of google VR apps, with our QR code, turn your mobile into a VR zone , with high light transmittance for superior and unmatched VR experience.

Irusu VR set

Buy From Flipkart For 1,999 INR

3. MTT Advance 3D VR Glass

High quality adjustable positioning lens systems for viewing High Definition quality 3D videos and games. Lenses are vacuum-ion plated capable of blocking electromagnetic radiation. 0.40mm diameter HD Optical resin lenses with Anti Blue Ray coating reduce deformity, remove glare and prevent eye fatigue.

Key Specification:

  • Design Innovation
  • Adjustable Focal Lens

Buy From Flipkart for 13,99 INR

4. Irusu Playvr VR headset

ONLY Headset in this category that is Optimized for Tons of Quality Google Cardboard Apps .Lenses made using vacuum ion plating refining, capable of blocking electromagnetic radiation and no side effects on vision. use HD optical resin lenses, 8-layer nano-coating, 5 times polishing. Reducing deformity and glare, effectively preventing visual fatigue, restore 3D reality under the broad vision, reproduction lossless virtual reality world FREE BLUETOOTH REMOTE and Magnetic Clicker.

Top 5 VR Set

Buy From Flipkart For 1,999 INR

5. DMG Virtual Reality Headset

DMG 3D Virtual Reality VR glasses for 4.0 – 6.0 inches Smartphone Support iPhone 6 Plus Take high quality headphones Add visor to prevent leaking light 3D glasses to make people immerse in the game The button of mirror box applies a snap switch and impressed notch design, convenient and firm You will enjoy in the 3D environment when putting your mobile phone in the glasses.

Key Specification:

  • High quality ABS
  • T-shaped straps
  • Anti-dust design
  • Slid feature

Buy From Flipkart For 3,199 INR



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